About ASOT

A Shop of Things is a curated online store of objects for the modern woman. Edgy, sassy, empowering and adorable, my goal is to take your every day household object and make it cuter!
A Shop of Things is run by me, Mia Calotta, in a basement and spare room in my little house in Nashville, Tennessee.
A Shop of Things began in 2015 during my first quarter life crisis after leaving a job I hated so much in the fashion industry. With $300 to my name but 1000+ ideas in my head, my business was born as a handmade goods business with my friend Gionna, who thought of the name for our shop <3
For 4.5 years I ran ASOT while simultaneously holding down a full time job. During that time I moved from NYC to Nashville, my business grew from a closet to room and then to a "warehouse" in my basement, and in 2017 Gionna left the business to pursue her other talents (she is so talented!)
In October of 2019 I finally quit my job and now run ASOT full time!
I am so grateful for all of my customers and stockists for supporting me! I am also so grateful to have a platform to sell goods that I truly believe in. 
An important aspect of my business is fundraising. It is important to me to donate profits to causes I believe in, like the Beagle Freedom Project, Nashville Humane Association, Nashville tornado relief, and Tennessee abortion access.

If you'd like to know more, give me a shout, collaborate, invite me to a fun event, or wholesale, send me a message: 
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